Throughout the life cycle of a company, there are going to come up situations, oftentimes unexpected, which will require specialized services in order to be dealt with a guarantee of success. Those services conform an unavoidable complement to the Strategy of a Company or Institution.


It can range from correctly managing a M&A transaction to selecting the right partner with whom jointly face the upcoming challenges or designing and implementing a process of Due Diligence or Capital Raise.


For all those situations, Nishibi can maximize the chances of success relying on its 30 years’ experience dealing with a wide variety of projects from every perspective: investor, entrepreneur, consultant for the investor, consultant for the owner, main shareholder, minority shareholder etc.

Investment Consulting

Having access to new investors is key to every growing company, whether it is seed capital or subsequent rounds. Therefore, a thorough and sound strategy to approach potential investors makes a huge difference, to the point that many times it is the main decisive factor in the ultimate success of the whole process.


In parallel, a meticulous planning of the steps following the initial meetings demands relevant experience in order to maximize the benefit for both parts.


In such a demanding environment, Nishibi’s first hand track record as entrepreneurs in financial rounds up to eight figures in the fields of biotech and ICTs makes us a perfect match for the whole Fund Raising Process in its various forms (Venture Capital, Tech Partners, Sector Funds etc.).

Due Dilligence. M&A

In the event of a potential addition of a new partner, the acquisition of another company or the full/partial sale of our business, a lengthy and complex process kicks off.


It all starts with a due diligence procedure to determine the value of the parts involved. The integral preparation and execution of the due diligence plan is of the utmost importance.


The choice of the right partner to design and execute the steps to follow (compatibility audit, financial audit, Systems audit, Marketing audit etc.) is a crucial step to maximize the valuation and potential profit of the project.


In Nishibi, we have been directly involved in successful Due Diligence and M&A transactions up to tens of millions of euros. Therefore we are qualified to help you better leverage corporate or business units for the most convenient valuation and (ultimately) deal for the company.


The successful experiences of Nishibi’s Founder Team in the fields of Biotech, Digital and Engineering fields over the past 30 years have not come without burden and setbacks.


Sharing what we have learnt throughout the years and how we dealt with the rough times can be inspiring to companies (both corporations and star-ups) and organizations. At Nishibi we believe that our story is a valuable example to keep executives and teams motivated.


We started as just two people working on small engineering projects and through many ups and downs, some failures and lots of effort and resilience, ended up being the main actors both as executives and entrepreneurs in projects up to the eight figures in euros.


From a small group of entrepreneurs to the managerial team of a large corporation; from a small personalized session to a bigger event for entrepreneurs, we put Nishibi’s founder’s story at the service of your needs.


Don´t hesitate to contact us in order to organize or just take part in a coaching/mentoring/motivational event. Our story is definitely worth being heard.