Any corporation or institution is in a position to improve its efficiency and reliability by optimizing its processes and properly implementing the right Quality Systems.
The 2008 financial crisis has fostered the need for optimization, making it mandatory in order to increase the probability of growth, success and even survival for companies/institutions. Less optimization implies less efficiency and sustained decreasing efficiency usually leads to disappearance.

The application of the Japanese concept kaizen 改善 or continuous improvement to your processes through Nishibi’s expertise and the intensive use of state of the art technologies.

For the last 30 years, Nishibi has been designing and implementing innovation-driven lean engineering solutions for world leading corporations and institutions in the Healthcare, Energy, Infrastructure and Transport sectors.


Our innovative approach designs tailored solutions applying cutting-edge technologies in the fields of re-engineering, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. Those tools, together with our expertise enables us to offer our clients a continuous improvement in the efficiency and reliability of their processes, decisively contributing to uplift the competitive position within their sector.


The fact that we rely on Intelligent Systems assures that the process improvement is not just a transitory effect but rather an ever-improving result, thanks to the autonomous learning of the system.


Please refer to our Projects/Clients section to learn more about some of our most relevant works over the last 30 years