Over 30 year's experience


More than 100 mill. EUR managed


Over 200 successful projects


More than 100 top-notch professionals at your service


Nishibi is the right partner in innovation, strategy and technology to make your Project reach its full potential, even exceeding your expectations.


Our job is backed by more than 30 years of experience and expertise managing successful projects in the fields of Biotechnology, Digital, Engineering and Retail in the EU, Japan and LATAM regions.


Ranging from promising start-ups to well-established multi-national corporations, Universities, Research Centers and Public Administrations, our track record of successful projects speaks for itself. We invite you to take a look at our past projects/clients sections for a better understanding of our capacities.


In nishibi we believe that every Project is unique and so has to be the team assembled to make sure the next step you take is the best one.


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Throughout the years, Nishibi has developed its unique approach in lean consulting services. We provide highly-experienced and personalized teams without superfluous costs deriving from obsolete structures and overcrowded teams. That is our philosophy:

(E)xperts and (L)ean approach with (i)nnovation as exponent.

Top-notch professionals

Traditional consulting companies rely on a rigid pyramid organizational structure, with great preponderance of entry-level or junior consultants with limited or even no experience in the field they are assigned to.


A pool of junior consultants is addressed together with one “senior consultant” or partner to reinforce the “seniority” of the team. Unfortunately, the reality is that the “more experienced” member(s) do not actually work hands-on in your project.


Therefore, you are trusting your strategic decisions to a group of junior consultants with little to no experience in your field and paying for an overcrowded team that you actually don’t need. Premium cost for a service that is not.

No further accessory expenses

On the contrary, at nishibi we understand that your project is unique and therefore demands a personalized team specifically assembled to provide you with the best expertise. Your team is only comprised of top-notch professionals with more than 10 years of experience in your specific field. No further accessory expenses, oversized committees and never-ending meetings. It’s time for innovation-based, lean consulting.


The advantage to our clients is twofold: the resources allocated to your project have a proven track record with top level organizations in your sector  and we are more efficient because we do not have costly and obsolete company infrastructures leading to inflated expenses ultimately paid by the client.

Lean service providers

Nishibi, just offers you the best possible team of experts with the least possible infrastructure costs, leading to a first-class service at a very competitive price.


Instead of relying in a more traditional supply chain model, Nishibi implements a supply-network approach to provide lean services.


If you choose expertise and personalized teams with no unproductive costs, lean consulting is the right choice and Nishibi your best partner.


Every company, big or small, public or private is facing increasingly demanding challenges and critical decisions in a faster-than-ever changing environment.


The accelerating changes make past achievements more temporary and less stable than ever before. The real challenge is to have a clear and well-executed strategy in order to make change work in your favor and turn it into a successful opportunity and not into an incapacitating threat.


To that end, experience-based innovation is pivotal. At nishibi we put our 30 years’ expertise in Corporate Services at your disposal through two main branches: Strategy and Consulting.


Apart from our Corporate Services, nishibi has a proven track record of Innovation and Technology Services to leading companies and institutions over the last 30 years.


Throughout that timespan, nishibi has designed and introduced dozens of innovative solutions in the fields of Biotechnology, Cybersecurity and Lean Engineering, decisively contributing to the establishment and reinforcement of the competitive position of our clients.


We have had the opportunity to play different roles over the years: entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, minority owners, tech partners, integral consultants (strategy, tech and innovation) and specialized consultants.


Please take a look to our track record in order to have a better idea of the projects and clients we have previously worked with.

Nishibi has been designing, building, revamping and validating (GMP and FDA) biotech laboratories and Manufacturing plants for over 25 years in projects up to the tens of millions of euros range. With regards to the technology applied, apart from the traditional Stainless Steel approach, our team has GMP-certified the first biotech plant with single-use technology in Spain and one of the very few such facilities in Europe and the whole world.


Human Biotech is probably the field in Healthcare with the biggest expected growth over the next decade in absolute terms.

At Nishibi, our experience in cybersecurity for both companies and public institutions is the best guarantee for our clients. We make sure that our clients’ most precious asset (information) is kept safe with our security solutions against the attacks that sooner or later will occur.


There has also been a groundbreaking Revolution in Communication and Data Technology: Cloud Computing, Mobile Technology, Social Media, E-commerce, Big Data, Internet of Things, online reputation, etc. They all have brought an exponential growth in terms of available information and its segmentation.

For the last 30 years, Nishibi has been designing and implementing innovation-driven lean engineering solutions for world leading corporations and institutions in the Healthcare, Energy, Infrastructure and Transport sectors.

Lean Engineering

Any corporation or institution is in a position to improve its efficiency and reliability by optimizing its processes and properly implementing the right Quality Systems.


Since 2006, Nishibi offers Japan Desk services through its Tokyo Office. During the last 10 years, we have worked with many of the most relevant Industrial and Retail groups in Japan.


From our Tokyo Office we can directly manage the opportunities for European and Latin-American Companies in Japan on the ground.
Japan’s particularities and complicated dynamic when it comes to business demands in most cases a partner with proven expertise in order to maximize the chances of successfully gaining access to a 125 million people market with very high purchasing power and stability.


Nishibi, with its experience and deep market and regulation knowledge both in Japan and the EU can handle the whole process, from the initial market reports through a subsidiary establishment to a further market growth for European and Latin-American companies with an interest in Japan. We can design and execute a personalized plan based on the best business approach: distribution agreement, Joint Venture, local partner acquisition etc.


For each project, Nishibi builds and executes the business plan through its life cycle: Preparation, Entry and Growth.





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