In nishibi we believe that there are no bad businesses, just bad strategies. An accurate strategic planning is the difference between success and failure.


With our 30 years’ experience and our n_strategy analytic tool, we pave the way so that your project reaches the first quintile in its market. It is there where the potential and the benefit lies.


Oftentimes, the executives or decision-makers in a company are so busy in their day to day tasks that they cannot invest the required amount of time and resources to properly analyze the direction of the company and build a robust strategy.
Unfortunately, it all leads to poor decision-making since chances of success has not been maximized through careful analysis and enough resource allocation in terms of time and expertise.


In order to avoid the aforementioned scenario, nishibi puts its resources and experience at your service so you can be sure that your most relevant strategic decisions are made after having devoted the resources and time they deserve.


We can take care of the whole life cycle of the strategic planning, from the throughout analysis of your current situation to the effective implementation of the designed measures.

Strategy Services


  • Business Unit Strategy.
  • Organizational Design.
  • Strategic Change Management.
  • Strategic Programs.


  • Corporate Strategy.
  • Growth Strategy.
  • Market Entry Strategy.
  • Added-Value Management.
  • Strategic Business Planning.


  • Sales Strategy.
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Operational Strategy.
  • Financial Strategy.
  • Technological Strategy.

Each project is unique, and therefore so it has to be each solution provided.

Rigorous Planning

We start by carefully identifying our client’s competitive position compared to its competitors as well as internally. Once we know where we are, we decide where do we want to go and more importantly how are we going to do it. Since there is no time to waste, the time-to-value period is meticulously optimized.

n_strategy Analysis

To that end, we use our exclusive n_strategy tool which we have continuously refined over more than 30 years’ experience with top-level corporations, providing excellent results

Lean consulting + innovation

On the top of that and following our innovative lean approach, each project benefits from working with nishibi’s team of senior experts, avoiding overcrowded groups of junior-level consultants, as it usually happens with traditional consulting firms.

Previous projects in Strategic Consulting

There is no time

to lose

Assembling a personalized, well-dimensioned group of seasoned experts to meet your strategy needs together our n_strategy tool. That’s what nishibi is all about when it comes to strategy.


Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know about your needs. Your strategy and your company deserve it.