Human Biotech is probably the field in Healthcare with the biggest expected growth over the next decade in absolute terms. It has been expanding in double figures for the last 20 years and currently represents a 200.000 million USD market worldwide.


Such a remarkable growth implies an increasing demand for more production capacity in order to absorb the broadening pipelines in the preclinical, clinical and commercial phases.
When the time to design and build (or revamp and upgrade) a new facility comes, several biotech companies lack the expertise and knowledge to handle the process correctly, causing important delays in the completion and validation of the laboratory or production plant. Unfortunately, in the end it means a delay in the access to market as well as burdensome budget overruns.


Nishibi has been designing, building, revamping and validating (GMP and FDA) biotech laboratories and Manufacturing plants for over 25 years in projects up to the tens of millions of euros range.


With regards to the technology applied, apart from the traditional Stainless Steel approach, our team has GMP-certified the first biotech plant with single-use technology in Spain and one of the very few such facilities in Europe and the whole world. It represents a landmark for Nishibi and one of the best examples of our commitment with industrial innovation.
Our involvement in the biotech industry has ranged from entrepreneurs and sole proprietors to minority owners, tech partners and tech-service providers.


Complementing the abovementioned activities, we also provide the Business Development and International Expansion related services: Market Research and Implementation Reports, Seminars and Trade Shows preparation and attendance etc.


Also in the event of the ownership wanting to sell the company, nishibi has previous experience in scanning and successfully finding potential buyers, providing the services included in the Corporate division of the website (Business Unit Strategy, Due Diligence, M&A).

Nishibi’s expertise in biotech

For each new assignment, nishibi can handle the whole process as a turn-key project, or cover just certain parts that the client wants to entrust to a more experience party.